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Our capabilities are as following:

A- Sea water Desalination Unit:

1- Consultation, selection, purchasing, installation and commissioning operation and performing repairs and service tasks of MED-MSF-VC-RO under different capacities.
2- Design, implementation and construction of concrete water dam,intake and sedimentation pool
3- Implementation and construction of foundation of seawater desalination plants
4- Purchasing chemical parts and materials required for desalination plant

B- Power plant Unit :

‚ÄčConsultation, selecting, purchasing, installation and commissioning, operating and performing all repairs and service works of various Diesel Generators with different capacities.

C- Power supply Unit:

Design, implementation and constructing of ground and air electricity transformers up to 20 KW. Voltage,

D- Waste water Unit:

Design, Construction, Installation and commissioning and operation of wastewater treatment plants