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South Raadab Engineering Company was founded in 1998 by former directors of water and power industry. Its aim was to serve people in southern region of the country. Due to its many years of experiences and careers in the water and power industry they managed to achieve many successes that water and electricity supply, design and installation of city network and constructing waste water disposal canal and procurement of seawater desalination at Kish Islands are just few examples of the works and projects that have been implement by this company and got confirmation and acceptance from officials and inhabitants of the Island. It is worthy to mention that some of the shareholders of the company are first manufacturers of Reverse Osmosis Desalination plants in the country and they have jointly participated in important projects such as construction, installation and commissioning of Lavan desalination unit at Bandar Abbas and they carried their tasks with success.
Also participating in implementation of such projects as Water supply for Kazeroun power plant, Chabahar Maritime University, Khalij-e-Fars Manufacturing Complex in Bandar Abbas and implementing power networks at Bandar Abbas, Bandar Lengeh, West of Tehran and maintenance of different units of desalination plants in South Islands, Polyethylene pipe laying, construction of Sedimentation pool and many other projects have been registered as some of superb jobs that this company has carried out.
It is now more than 4 years since the tasks of repair, maintenance and operation of power plants, seawater desalination plants and water and power networks of South Islands have been given to this company and got confirmation and acceptance from various authorities in the province. One of the points that is of great importance and concern for projects’ executors is to give part of the job to contractors to perform works based on EPC. Fortunately South Raadab Engineering Company is well equipped and has skilled workers and close connection with affiliated and non-affiliated companies, inside and outside the country and it can be one of the best chooses for performing development and civil projects.

Briefly we present you with some capabilities of our company