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We proudly introduce South Raadab Engineering Company as a leader in the water industry with over 16 years experiences working.
The company recently received the certificate of integrated management system including the quality management system (ISO 9001), Environmental management system (ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety management system (OHSAS 18001) respectively.
The Company’s investment in water has been managed to create a unique and thriving infrastructure that offers highly effective and quality services to customers in deprived areas.
The presence of professional managers, employing qualified and trained team in the field of Utilities has created a unique and valuable ability for the company.
Now the company totally provides 40 thousand cubic meters of safe drinking water and sanitation by RO systems through the networks to citizens of Abu Musa, Hormuz, Dargahan, Great Tunb islands and city of Zahedan all by BOO scheme and also provides drinking water to the city of Sveh through the second urban network. It is worthy to mention that the collection and wastewater treatment of Abu Musa Island is in circuit by BOT method which happens for the first time in Iran.
Management and personnel are trying to suit specific customer’s requirements in shortest time and design, implement and monitor the projects by encouraging the following principles:
- Innovation and creativity
- Maintain and improve the quality
- Through understanding of customer needs and expectations
- Matching the needs with the latest development s in science and technology
We hope to have the opportunity as a trade partner serving the highest quality standards, effective and constructive role in the success and prosperity of our country Iran.