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Turkmen Port and Gomishan Desalination Plant
Gorgan WWC
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Turkmen Port and Gomishan desalination plant

Golestan provine has the most diverse nature among the other provinces of Iran. Across the province in a short distance, there are the most dense forest, rugged mountains, beautiful plains of Gorgan and driest desert of the country.
Limited drinking water resources especially in the north and northwest of the province caused South Raadab Eng. Co. to to provide drinking water to Turkmen port and Gomishan city.
The potential for surface and underground water resources in Golestan province is about 2.5 billion cubic meters , while the total water requirement of industrial, agricultural and potable water is calculated about 7 billion cubic meters. The only way out of this problem is the use of unconventional salt water ( sea water ) and brackish water ( groundwater ) that , fortunately, it is available in abundance in this district.

Address Niaz Abad village, Torkmen port, Golestan, Iran
Technical Specification Number of RO: 3
Capacity: 2550 mcd
Raw water: Brakish water wells

Golestan water & sewage Co.
BOO Agreement
 Investment  2,730,303 $