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Dargahan desalination plant


Dargahan is a city of Qeshm Island located in Hormozgan province in the southern region of Iran. Its population is above 8000. Historically Dargahan was a center of trade and important port of Qeshm Island.
Having many bazars and memorable sunset have made Dargahan the fantastic tourist place which bring many visitors from all over the country. The people are known as affectionate and hospitable among Hormozgan and Qeshm Island.
Actually Dargahan was a village before 2006 and had water shortage. People were collecting rain water in water storage for drinking and washing which was causing health problem.
Because of its proximity to the vast resources of water, Raadab Company established RO desalination plant to produce clean and potable water.

Address Next to the old port customs, Dargahan town, Qeshm Island, Hormozgan, Iran
Technical Specification Number of RO: 2
Capacity: 2 RO 2500 mcd 
Raw water: Sea water
Dewatering: Directly from the se

Hormozgan water & sewerage Co.
BOO Agreement
 Investment  4,545,454 $ 
 Time of operation  First package:    14/10/2011
Second package: 15/12/2011