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Zahedan desalination Plant 1

Zahedan- First agreement

Zahedan as one of the major centers of population in the east of the country is the state capitl of Sistan-Baluchestan and rapidly is facing the rate of population growth and migration.
Supply of drinking water is important due to climate condition of the area and growth of population. On the other side, Zahedan is near the border and according to many health problem in neighboring (Pakistan) the risk of infection disease intensifies. Also problems with heat and dryness of the air add to the need of providing clean drinking water.
At the moment Zahedan ground water is considered as primary source of water supply which its quantity and quality are seriously restricted; So that many wells dried up and fall of water levels continues in many wells each year. From the other side quantity of water is extracting consequently and the quality is decreasing. Therefore ongoing studies on drinking water was conducted between 1984 to 1991. Finally some lakes where situated in the plain were determined as a complementary source of water of Zahedan and studies of water transfer plan from these lakes to Zahedan was notified to the counselor. After years of waiting and a lot of ups and down, this plan came into operation in 2003
In 2010 Raadab Company signed a contract with water and sewage Company of Sistan-Baluchestan producing 20,000 m^3/d potable water by BOO which feed water was supplied by groundwater and brackish water.

Address Ghalanbar Blv. Zahedan
Technical Specification Number of RO: 7
Capacity: 7 RO each 2500mcd
Raw water: Brakish water
Dewatering:  Wells
Purchaser Sistan and Baloochestan Water & Sewerage company
BOO agreement
 Investment 6,666,666 $
 Operation Time First package:        20.06.2012
Second package:    30.06.2012
Third package:       15.07.2012
Forth package:       01.07.2012
Fifth package:        14.01.2013
Sixth package:       11.01.2013
Seventh package:   29.11.2012